Zildjian at Namm 2018.

A new K Sweet Collection, The new Uptown Ride and theCity Pack for the cymbals. New accessories and sticks with a new design.

K Sweet is the new 2018 collection.
Very versatiles cymbals, available in different sizes and models:16″,17″, 18″, 19″ & 20″ Sweet crashes, 21″ & 23″ Sweet rides and 15″ & 16″ hi hats.

The A 18″ Uptown Ride de 18″ has been created for the hip hop and electro drummers but it can be played in many different situations.

It’s the return of the small sized kits so to fit this phenomenon, the new City Pack is perfect with a 12″ A New Beat hi hats, a 14″ A fast Crash and the new 18″ A Uptown ride.

Zildjian has also developed some new stick bags, cymbal bags, multi tools, cymbal arm, wax…

New design for the 5 A and 5 B sticks: reduced tip size, increased neck size, longer tapers, improved balance…




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