Russ Miller.

Russ Miller can play in every situation, live, studio, for tv, movie soundtrack, drumming events…

As experimented he is, Russ still practicing and taking lessons with Peter Erskine.

Russ played for artists like Ray Charles, Tina Turner, Nelly Furtado, Babyface, Christina Aguilera… and he is also involved in the drumming business very active with Mapex in the creative process of their new design Lab kit as a research and development artist.

Russ was in Paris a few months ago, for the Bag Show, the biggest parisian drumming event so we were really happy and honored to meet him…
Le Bagshow était donc l’occasion pour lui de montrer son talent mais aussi de promouvoir cette nouvelle batterie.

Have a look to Russ’ website to know everything about him:

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