Remo Namm 2019.

Remo’s booth is the place to be if you want to meet the world’s most famous drummers…

So we discovered the brand new 2019 products and by the way did an interview with the one and only Chris Hart, director of artists and public relations worldwide.

Chris Hart is a man in the shadows but he knows all the drummers and all the drummers know him.
He will give you guys all the informations to understand the relationship endorser / endorsee.

This interview will be available soon but, let’s go back to what’s new at Remo for 2019.

Pink and purple are now available in the Colortone range.L

The Adjustable Bass Drum Dampener was presented, it fits to all kind of bass drums.

EXTERNAL SUB MUFF’L® BASS DRUM SYSTEM is a brand new product too.

More details in the link below:

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