Derrick Mc Kenzie from Jamiroquai.

Jamiroquai is back with a new album and a new show.

It was time to go and meet Derrick Mc Kenzie playing drums in the band for 23 years now.

Derrick tells you everything about his career and the way he worked on this new Jamiroquai record.

He lived in Poland so made a lot of flights to the studio…The set up for this album was quite light: HH, bass drum and snare ! Only a few toms on one track.

You will recognize Derrick’s secret touch with his hi hats grooves, “hh must dance” he used to say.

Derrick is also playing with Jazz Funk Experience, you can find live videos on Youtube, an album may come soon…

Follow Derrick’s news by clicking on the link below:

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